The following information defines the conditions under which the use of NavPin is operated by

R4A (Robotics for All)
ISSEL (Intelligent Systems and Software Engineering Labgroup)
IPL (Information Processing Laboratory)
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Campus
GR-54124, Thessaloniki

(hereinafter “R4A”).

Only these Terms of Services apply to any contract made between us in relation to services provided by R4A. These conditions are accepted by the entirety of our community during the registration stage by checking the option entitled “I accept the Terms of Services & Privacy Policy.” Any deviations from these specified conditions are not accepted.

1. Description of the scope of service

R4A operates an indoors localization, navigation and evacuation mobile application. All users can download the application for free, navigate to the supported buildings and use the application’s fearures for free. R4A is entitled to engage third party service providers and agents for the whole spectrum of the NavPin service. However, this should not negatively impact the user.

2. Access / Contract Confirmation

In order for users to access and use the NavPin application they must first read NavPin Terms of Services (current document) & NavPin Privacy Policy. After reading the above documents, the user may proceed with using the application only if they accept the written terms.

Once acceptance is considered complete, the user enters into a contractual relationship with R4A under a free membership scheme. This is governed by the provisions set out in the NavPin Terms of Services & Privacy Policy.

3. Data Use, Data Sharing and Data Forwarding

R4A takes care to respect the legal data protection regulations, in particular the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.

4. Cancellation

The cancellation of the membership occurs when the user deletes the NavPin application from their mobile phone. Since no personal data are being stored, no further actions are required.

5. Liability of R4A

If R4A fails to comply with these terms and conditions, R4A is responsible for loss or damage the user suffers that is a foreseeable result of its breach of these Terms and Conditions or its negligence, but R4A is not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable (e.g., malicious cyber-attacks, including hacking).

6. Responsibilities and Obligations of the Registered User / Prohibited Practices / Exemption

The user is alone responsible for the use and content of their application and therefore for the information he/she provides about himself/herself. The user assures that in the context of offers and services from R4A he/she will not use any photographs, text, software or any other copyrighted information without having the necessary rights or consents for them. The registered user complies with all applicable laws for registration and use of the contact portal.

The user should under no circumstances (prohibited conduct) give personal identifiers to third parties or share those with third parties. An inadmissible commercial or business use in the sense of this provision is in particular the provision of goods or services in return for payment of any kind, the solicitation of making an offer, or a reference to an attainable offer elsewhere.

If the user breaches any of the obligations listed in this section 6, R4A can be entitled to require compensation for any resulting damage or expenses. This does not apply if the user did not know he or she was committing a breach of section 6 and was not reckless in the sense of not caring whether or not he or she was committing a breach of section 6.

7. Blocking on Suspicion

R4A is entitled, in the case of a complaint from a third party, and on suspicion of a violation or breach of these terms and conditions, to delete the user’s content, which triggered this suspicion or complaint. The complaint itself, however, does not serve as justifiable grounds for R4A to terminate the user’s contract. For termination of the contract, a breach of the conditions specified in these Terms of Services has to be identified.

If a warning is deemed reasonable by R4A, R4A must give the user the opportunity to eliminate the suspicion or to remedy the situation before blocking or removing the content. If a warning is not reasonable, for example, because the blocking or removal is needed to prevent a possible damage to R4A or another user, R4A will inform the user immediately afterwards about the blocking or removal and then give them the opportunity to comment and request help.

R4A can always delete the content or keep the user blocked when R4A is requested to do so by a court or by state authorities, or if the contract is terminated in accordance with these Terms of Services. The same applies if the cancellation or revocation is necessary to prevent an imminent harm to R4A or another user.