Indoor Navigation & Localization App

Available in any mobile device!



The NavPin application offers several unique ways of indoors localization for the user. First of all the user can see their location via the embedded GPS sensor of their device. If they are near a supported site their location will be shown in the interior map, allowing them to navigate to any included Point of Interest. Another way of localization is via QR codes which are scattered in the supported sites, providing manual (not automatic) localization in case no GPS signal exists, or in case the mobile device has no network. Finally, we support localization via Cisco's DNA Spaces, allowing for a real-time location update functionality, in case the necessary infrastructure exists in the corresponding site.


The user has the abitlity to visit the floorplans of all supported buildings and easily search for a Point of Interest (PoI). Apart from the global search, in each level of detail (site, building, floor) the user can visually inspect the PoIs, as well as search for interesting locations in the vicinity.


When the user's interior location is known by GPS, QR codes or Cisco's DNA Spaces infrastructure, they can navigate to the site by selecting one of the available Points of Interest. Navpin will then generate the path from the user's location to the selected target, which is guaranteed to be minimum in length. The path can go throuth via stairs or elevators, allowing the user to easily inspect the whole traversal process.