A new book chapter named “Robotics Meets RFID for Simultaneous Localization (of Robots and Objects) and Mapping(SLAM) – A Joined Problem" has been published in the Wireless Power Transmission for Sustainable Electronics from Wiley, from Antonis G. Dimitriou, Stavroula Siachalou, Emmanouil Tsardoulias, and Loukas Petrou. This publication is focused on deploying a moving robotic platform, i.e. a robot, which hosts radio frequency identification (RFID) equipment and aims to locate passive RFID tags attached to objects in the surrounding area. The robot hosts additional sensors, namely lidar and depth cameras, enabling it to perform SLAM – simultaneous localization (of its own location) and mapping of any (including previously unknown) area. This work has been performed in the context of the Relief project. Read more in the link below!